We are fortunate enough at Crest to get to work alongside some brilliant businesses and individuals to help them ensure they are being the best leaders and team members possible.


I have had the pleasure of working with the lovely Desiree in various roles of my job and personal issues. Desiree is very professional and knowledgeable. She helped me set up a working group within my team to assist with training and guidance particularly during these lockdown times. Distance working started off tough, but once I received help from Desiree it became a lot easier and everything worked out better than I could have ever imagined. Desiree has also taught me how to value myself and lead by example.

I highly recommend Crest Coaching and would definitely be using them in the future.  

– Larene Bentley, Director at Xylem Analytics


Working with Desiree allowed me the time and space to achieve three objectives: 1) understand how remote working is impacting leadership for individuals, teams and their leaders 2) think about the culture, skills and areas where I feel I flourish most at work and those I need to work on 3) how to effectively progress teams through high performance, communication, HR responsibilities and trouble-shoot scenarios. I would highly recommend Desiree’s leadership coaching skills.

-Lisa Hancox, Head of Marketing & Operations.

Desiree ran a wonderful team-building workshop for me. She immediately understands what support I needed and she came up with an imaginative solution. Desiree was naturally able to engage with my team from the very beginning and facilitated a really effective session all on Zoom! As a business leader, I really appreciated Desiree’s ability to understand how she could benefit me and my team and she delivered this perfectly.

– Rebecca Newenham, Owner Get Ahead VA





Desiree is a great career coach. She is a great listener and has given me practical steps to get back into the employment market after looking after my daughter. It can be a challenging step getting back into work after having time off to have a family and Desiree has helped me start my journey, to build my confidence and make my options clearer. Highly recommend Desiree as a work coach.

-Helen Alexander, Employment Advisor

Desiree and I have collaborated on a couple of projects to promote mental health and well-being in the workplace. Her dedication to this area is inspirational. Her drive and enthusiasm for the topic with the aim of supporting others demonstrates her ability to coach and guide people to achieve their true potential.
I am looking forward to working with her again.

BSA Nurse Advisor and Director of Health and Wellbeing Boarding schools Association Action + First Aid

I was coached by Desiree and absolutely loved her coaching style. We worked through some of the career questions that were blocking me at the time, and through her skilful use of Clean Language and NLP methods, I was able to break through into new opportunities to come into my space. The process wasn’t easy on a personal level for me, but because of Desiree’s supportive presence and dedication to my success, I was able to open up and transform the feeling of “stuck” into an open space of opportunity.

Margo Barsukova, Senior SEO Strategist

I had several coaching sessions with Desiree where we worked on my new business as I was pivoting to something that I was excited to do, but was completely different and outside of my comfort zone. Desiree helped me to create clarity in how I wanted my new business to look like and what values I wanted to focus on. Thank you, Desiree, for your help, I would highly recommend her.

-Paula Kemp, Entrepreneur

I had the pleasure of working with Desiree when we both worked as Senior HRBPs for a large retail and technology organisation, which had just completed a merger with another big retailer.

During this time, Desiree led, and project managed the Employee Engagement Survey internationally which was a new initiative for the two merged companies.   When we first met, I was immediately impressed by her strong communication skills, business acumen and her ability to build strong relationships with her stakeholders.  Desiree had to deal with some tough stakeholders with some difficult ER issues, and she was able to coach and empower her stakeholders to deal with these.  She had the ability to work collaboratively with her stakeholders and her peers and was very well-liked by both groups.

It wasn’t just Desiree’s technical skills that impressed me.  She was also a joy to work with because of her amazingly positive and ‘can do’ attitude and her eagerness to stick to tight deadlines.  She was relied on to get the job done!

Sophie Hatton, HR Director



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