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Package of 12 Coaching Sessions

We will tailor a package of 12 coaching sessions to suit your unique requirements. At the beginning of the sessions, we will contract as to how we will run the sessions and then we will begin to explore and help you uncover your true potential. The aim at the end of each session is to formulate an action plan for you to take away. Each session can have pre-agreed objectives but often objectives emerge organically during the sessions. We will use our extensive experience to tailor coaching to your needs and use reflective questions and appropriate models to help you deepen your awareness in order to facilitate changes you wish to make.

Resilience Coaching: 12 Coaching Sessions

We will explore how to improve your resilience and response to change in 12 bespoke coaching sessions. Resilience is your ability to adapt to the new normal. This includes your mindset and goals. We will explore what resilience is, and look at resilience models you can practically implement in your own life. Improved resilience has been linked to improved mood, motivation and improved coping with adversity. The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace and individuals are seeking ways to improve and thrive going forward. Crest Coaching & HR has developed a unique coaching model to help you with resilience.