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One payment of £1499, or three payments of £599.60!

Valued at £2200, this course includes one-to-one coaching sessions, interactive workbooks, as well as the theoretical and practical framework to take your leadership to the next level! You will also get to interact with other leaders and learn more about your own leadership style!

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Winning Teams Formula for Success Program

The comprehensive program outlining the leadership Formula to win hearts and minds.

The world of work has changed so much recently. Globalisation, technology, competition and pandemics mean our companies and the teams within them need to evolve fast. The Winning Teams program gives you the formula for leadership success so that keep ahead of the curve.

Who is this exceptional program for?

You’re a manager of a team who had been in the role for a while and understand the fundamentals. During the pandemic, you and your team have undergone a lot of changes. Your team is now (hybrid) part remote, part office working and is having to adjust to multiple work-home pressures. You care about team members and are communicating with them regularly to check that they are okay.  You’ve been through ups and downs during the pandemic but you’re enlightened about mental health and leadership principles and have tried your best in difficult circumstances.


You’d now like to move your team forward in terms of better collaboration and achievement of outstanding results. You want more work-life balance and to feel more in control of your job. You want to enhance your own potential and that of your team. By doing so you feel that you, your team and your company will gain a competitive advantage no matter what.

You could be any of the below:

  1. An experienced manager with a large team
  2. A manager of a remote team, where people come into the office from time to time
  3. A leader of an international multi-cultural team
  4. A new leader of an established team
  5. A business owner of a growing team

You’re in the right place and I’ll tell you how Crest Coaching & HR will give you exceptional tools to support your leadership quest in the creation of committed, productive and successful teams.

By the end of this program you will be able to:

  • Reflect on your own leadership strengths, development areas and triggers to improve your own impact
  • Understand the make-up of teams in terms of collaboration, communication and psychological safety thereby dramatically increasing productivity
  • Harness the latest thinking to firmly engage hearts and minds of your team members so that they act with commitment and clarity.
  • Cultivate a culture where you can celebrate success of all team members inclusively to upscale everyone’s sense of togetherness
  • Commit to your own productivity standards and goals for future career success
  • Create a forward facing action plan for your team (instead of fire-fighting) – to improve retention, attendance and performance

Working with Desiree allowed me the time and space to achieve three objectives: 1) understand how remote working is impacting leadership for individuals, teams and their leaders 2) think about the culture, skills and areas where I feel I flourish most at work and those I need to work on 3) how to effectively progress teams through high performance, communication, HR responsibilities and trouble-shoot scenarios. I would highly recommend Desiree’s leadership coaching skills.

-Lisa Hancox, Head of Marketing & Operations.

Invest in Yourself

by Enrolling in the Winning Teams Program Today

One payment of £1499 or three payments of £599.60

Buy now and get an extra bonus! Our successful Winning Teams Infographic. This will give you 40 engagement tips to use immediately and other exclusive BONUSES

You will have lifetime access to the Crest “Winning your Inside Game” facebook group which includes newsletters, tips, advice and videos.

What’s Included:

  • Before the session you will receive a workbook with an action plan format which you can start to have a think about what you would like to achieve and implement by the end of the Winning Teams program
  • During the first session we will hear from you what your own leadership currently looks like, as well as your triggers and blockages and coach to remove these. By the end of the session you should have gained a much deeper self-awareness of your own impact and understand what specific actions you need to take to rectify these.
  • During the second group session we will talk about how we create committed teams and how we can implement successful principles throughout the employee lifecycle. This session will also cover your commitment to you own wellbeing.
  • The third group coaching session and supporting materials focuses specifically on commitment. How do we encourage successful committed teams? What benchmarks of success will you use? We will discuss the strategies you can use comprehensively in this session.

After this session you will be given some specific tools to implement when back in the workplace and you will be asked to add your benchmarks into your action plan.

  • The fourth session covers engagement of hearts and minds and how to instill winning routines into your leadership routine to encourage teams who love their work, stay with the organisation and are happy and productive. We will also cover celebrating success.
  • In-between the sessions you can work collaboratively on your action plans with fellow course participants (if you prefer a team approach – otherwise you may choose to do this individually). You will also be able to send your action plan to Desiree Anderson, course leader, for specific comments and suggestions.

You will then be ready to implement your specific plan into your organisation.

Post-sessions you can complete your action plans and have the options to send to Desiree Anderson who is an Advanced Senior Executive Coach and Mentor. Or you can send aspects of your plan to her for feedback (it’s up to you). Either way, we will support you to get your plans up and running as soon as possible.

So, to summarise there are;

  • 4 Powerful Group coaching sessions to discuss the FORMULA for Winning Teams. Session 1: Self-awareness; Session 2: Create; Session 3: Commit; Session 4: Hearts and Minds & Celebrate
  • Collaboration and interaction in the private Facebook group “Winning your inside game”
  • Workbooks, tools and group coaching videos as we work through the Winning Teams Formula
  • An action plan which you complete and can send to an Advanced Executive Coach for feedback


A small example from our Wonderful Customers

“She immediately understands what support I needed and she came up with an imaginative solution.” 

R Newenham, Owner


“She is a great listener and has given me practical steps to get back into the employment market after looking after my daughter.”

H Alexander, Employment Advisor


“Desiree helped me to create clarity in how I wanted my new business to look like and what values I wanted to focus on.”

– P Kemp, Entrepreneur


“Her drive and enthusiasm for the topic with the aim of supporting others demonstrates her ability to coach and guide people to achieve their true potential.”

– BSA Nurse Advisor and Director of Health and Wellbeing Boarding Schools Association Action + First Aid

To recap,

You will be guided through the FORMULA for Winning Teams based on the latest thinking for the changing world of work to keep you ahead and performing in a job you enjoy.

Through this process, you will elevate you own performance and your vision of success as well as give you the ingredients for improving your team’s commitment and motivation.

By doing so you will be ready to create innovative products and expand your business success.

We will work together using Crest’s unique 6 step formula which we will explore during our coaching sessions using best practice, action plans and strategies that you can start to use immediately in your business.


In addition to the 40 tips Winning Teams engagement infographic, the following MATERIALS, COACHING AND BONUSES will be available for Earlybird sign up to help accelerate your performance by July 2021

Standard Package

  • 4 High impact group coaching sessions with specific actions for you to implement the Formula for Success for yourself and your teams
  • Access to the private Facebook group “ Winning your inside game” where you can interact with other leaders
  • Workbooks and group coaching videos
  • Feedback from an Executive Coach on your specific action plans BEFORE you implement these

Bonus Earlybird Package

  • A half-hour powerful one-to-one leadership coaching session with Desiree Anderson honing in on your leadership strengths and helping you to start envisage your unique leadership success formula. Desiree has worked with top companies and their teams across multiple industries.
  • An hour’s success coaching for your team to motivate and empower them to have maximum impact (you get to choose who would benefit from this).
  • The 3 key Winning Teams habits video series.
  • Lifetime access to the Facebook “Winning your inside Game” group with regular updates including videos, materials and group discussions.

14 day Money Back Guarantee

The Winning Teams Formula for Success program is a sequential way to help you elevate your leadership and your team’s success. With the experience we have had across multiple industries we are confidant you will get maximum benefit from the program for life-changing results.

However, if you don’t feel totally motivated and don’t feel confident with your ability to implement the formula for Winning Teams, reach out and show us how you’ve tried to implement the formula, and we will refund you.


Q: Will I be able to record the Winning Teams videos?

A: You will be given exclusive access to 4 Winning Teams videos if you sign up for our Early bird offer. The 4-course group coaching sessions will be done via zoom and a recording of these will be sent to you after the session so you can also catch up on replay if you have missed any of the sessions


Q: Is there a lot of pre-work to do?

A: There is no pre-work other than coming to the course with any specific issues you may have so that we can help you with them during the course


Q: Will there be work to do in-between sessions?

There will be an opportunity for you to implement some of the tips and strategies into your teams immediately, and to update your action plan weekly after each session. How much detail you put into your action plan is up to you, but we will provide you with the format and we don’t envisage it should take you longer than 30 mins max to update (obviously you can do more if you’d like!)


Q: What format will the group coaching sessions take?

The 4 group coaching sessions included in the course will be conducted on zoom, and will consist of a talk around the topic and coaching with group interaction to specific questions posed that are relevant to the specific topic.


Q: What if I have specific questions related to my team that I don’t want to discuss with the group?

A: During the group sessions, we will endeavor to keep all conversations confidential between group members and will discuss this rule when we get started in our work together. However, if you want to chat through some specifics, Desiree Anderson will be on hand at and will also be able to offer you one-to-one coaching sessions to give you some practical support.


Q: What if I have other questions before signing up?

A: Please mail us at and we will do our best to answer your questions promptly. So please mail us even if it seems trivial. We’d love to help.

“I cannot wait to coach you personally on the course. My experience across multiple teams and industries has taught me that there are specific actions that need to be taken to ensure that leaders and teams expand beyond self-limiting beliefs. I’ve taken the ingredients of success and formulated it into a comprehensive but easy-to-follow system for you to elevate your business success. It’s been life-changing for me, and I look forward to helping you with your journey”

        – Desiree Anderson, Owner of Crest Coaching & HR, Leadership Coach, and HR Specialist