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Managing Remote Teams

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Valued at £2200, this course includes one-to-one coaching sessions, interactive workbooks, as well as the theoretical and practical framework to take your leadership to the next level! You will also get to interact with other leaders and learn more about your own leadership style!

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Managing Remote Teams

Many work teams are currently facing the realities of having to work remotely on an indefinite period. Leading remotely in challenging times can be very lonely. Communicating and reaching out to your team members can be very tricky, especially when they are faced with different socio-environmental circumstances.

You may struggle to achieve the trust and performance standards you need for your business, which not only impacts your team dynamics but your company’s bottom line as well.

The Managing Remote Teams Course is an online 6 module program for all leaders. During the program, you will work through the key pillars of high-performance team creation, get to know your own leadership style better, think about your team profile, and put together an immediately actionable plan for your business.

This course is suitable for all individuals who are leaders, regardless of whether their employees are working on a remote basis or in the office.


A cohesive team is fanatically focused on where it is going and how it will get there. Being clear about and focused on success is always important no matter the team situation, but when working remotely it is even more critical to ensure that everyone is in sync.

– Forbes

What you will learn:

  1. Effectively adapt your communication style to harness engagement
  2. Cultivate a culture of trust and accountability
  3. Manage and enhance staff performance on a remote basis
  4. Implement HR essentials to keep legally compliant
  5. Build essential wellbeing elements into the team’s daily routine
  6. Harness a communication framework that moves beyond technology

Plus: Each participant will be given 1 to 1 coaching and your leadership style will be profiled and fed back to you.

How it Works and Course Dates:

The Course will run over a 3 week period and includes 6 modules. 2 Modules per week will be presented through a short yet comprehensive video, as well as an hour-long Zoom session with our presenter, Desiree Anderson. During these Zoom meetings, you will be presented with key information tools to help you overcome certain leadership hurdles, and be presented with an action plan. You will also work through a workbook that will help you turn theoretical knowledge into a practical strategy for managing your remote team. Course participants will be able to interact with each other and network during these Zoom meetings.

The course is highly flexible and the hour sessions per module are based on a flexible schedule. The content in the course is highly valuable but easily consumable.

*Each date has 2 different timeslots which you can choose from.

What Is Included:

  • 6 Theoretical Modules and explanatory videos
  • One-to-one Coaching Session
  • 6 Interactive Workbooks
  • 12 Online Sessions (one hour sessions, twice a week based on a flexible schedule)
  • Live Coaching Session with Desiree

Meet Your Coach

With 25 years of experience of working with leaders and teams for FSE100 companies in the banking, manufacturing, digital, media, retail and not for profit sectors. She has worked for some major South African, UK and US companies. Having dealt with all levels of employees across these organisations, from junior to CEO level she has an experienced view of what leaders and their teams grapple with.

For teams already struggling with relational or operational issues, virtual working can make a challenging situation more difficult. There are four pillars for fast-tracking team agility: purpose, cohesion, exchange and clarity.

– CEO Today

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