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3-Module Program for only £230

Only pay £230 when you sign up for for 3 modules and receive a complimentary half hour coaching session. 

Choose 3 modules to complete with coaching & HR specialist, Desiree Anderson, and receive a complimentary half hour coaching session. The course is specifically tailored to provide you with bespoke practical framework to master new leadership skills! 

 Each module includes a interactive workbook, informative tutorial video, and leadership coaching sessions. You will also get to interact with other leaders and learn more about your own leadership style!

Places are limited- so book your spot today!

Choose 3 of the following modules:

Module 1: HR Implementer

This module will tackle the key HR issues you need to ensure are in place such as risk assessments,  insurance, health and safety and equipment. We look at what policies you have in place as well as learning and development, resourcing and diversity and inclusion considerations. As flexibility is on the rise we cover what aspects you need to be aware of to engage your people remotely. Contracts may have to be adjusted too and working hours monitored. The key objective of the HR module is to give you the confidence to know the key HR essentials for your remote workers.

Module 2: Culture Cultivator

During this module, we will cover the company vision and the current company culture. We explore whether the current culture needs to be evolved to include the new ways of working and the values and beliefs of your team. We also discuss and refine an elevator speech for your teams to communicate what the culture and mission of your teams are The key objectives of the culture cultivator module is to help you define and involve your team in developing a culture that inspires.

Module 3 Commitment Engager

This module covers what factors need to be in place for your teams to be engaged and how can you incorporate these practices into your team management to avoid a disconnect between employees and the company. The key objective of the Commitment engager module is to define the practices that will harness the emotional commitment of your remote team.

Module 4 Performance Enhancer

In this module, we cover how your team is currently performing and what the key internal and external influences may be. We discuss an easy to follow performance framework as well as how to give feedback online and have difficult conversations. Essential to performance is keeping employees motivated, so learning and development and personal needs need to be incorporated into performance goals. The key objective of the Performance Enhancer module is to ensure you find the levers to help your people perform tasks that are meaningful to them.

Module 5 Creative Communicator

In this module, we explore how to enhance remote communication. As online communication is very different to face to face we discuss how we should be communicating with our employees online as well as the appropriate use of technology. Communicating effectively may mean using visual, kinaesthetic and auditory communication. We examine ideas for communication and incorporate some of these in your action plan. Having a coaching style of communication is key so we look at adapting our “check-ins” using coaching conversations.

Module 6 Wellbeing Protector

Wellbeing has become more important in recent times, as work-life balance continues to be a difficult thing to juggle. We firstly look at your daily routine and how you can bring balance into it for yourself and then we look at how you can help your employees with their wellbeing and day to day schedules. We discuss wellbeing remote leadership practices and resources at your disposal from wellbeing organisations. The key objective of the Wellbeing protector module is to ensure you are aware of wellbeing and help employees to lead a satisfying and healthy work-life.

A cohesive team is fanatically focused on where it is going and how it will get there. Being clear about and focused on success is always important no matter the team situation, but when working remotely it is even more critical to ensure that everyone is in sync.

– Forbes

What’s included with each module:

  • Each module includes an informative and interactive workbook.
  • Each module includes an explanatory and informative Video.
  • Each module includes an online session with Desiree Anderson.
  • Live Coaching Session with Desiree- bespoke tailored to your leadership goals

Plus: Each participant will be given 1 to 1 coaching and your leadership style will be profiled and fed back to you.

How it Works:

  • Choose 3 out of the 6 modules
  • Purchase your modules below
  • Book your coaching session for each module
  • Each module only requires a maximum time effort of 90 minutes.

Meet Your Coach

With 25 years of experience of working with leaders and teams for FSE100 companies in the banking, manufacturing, digital, media, retail and not for profit sectors. She has worked for some major South African, UK and US companies. Having dealt with all levels of employees across these organisations, from junior to CEO level she has an experienced view of what leaders and their teams grapple with.

For teams already struggling with relational or operational issues, virtual working can make a challenging situation more difficult. There are four pillars for fast-tracking team agility: purpose, cohesion, exchange and clarity.

– CEO Today

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