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Leadership Coaching

Grow into your Leadership Potential

Leadership Coaching is applicable to any leader no matter the size of a company. It will also benefit aspiring leaders who want to improve how their focus and behaviour. At Crest Coaching HR we provide Coaching to anyone who is a leader or is heading towards leadership regardless of status.


Benefits of Leadership Coaching

  • Improved communication and managerial capability
  • Ability to improve performance and develop staff
  • Clarity of how to lead your teams
  • Focus on your own work-life balance
  • Increased focus and achievement of priorities
  • Dealing with difficult work and home situations more effectively

Leadership is about giving people

a platform for spreading ideas that work.

What does Leadership Coaching Entail

Leadership Coaching is working in partnership with you to help you explore issues in your work and life, helping you gain self-awareness and clarity of purpose. You are the focus of the session and are in charge of the issues and objectives you discuss.

Coaching explores your values and beliefs, the past and the future but is mainly rooted in the present – helping you increase your resilience, no matter what situation you find yourself in. Your improved focus will help you adapt better to the many changes modern leaders face.

If you’d like a pragmatic way of being at your best, achieving the personal and professional results you strive for, then Coaching is for you. Coaching is conducted confidentially in an empathetic but business-oriented way to help improve your impact. Leadership sessions are tailored to your individual goals. Coaching will increase your awareness of the options open to you, and bring the solutions you already have within you to the forefront.

Leadership Coaching Techniques

We use a combination of tools and techniques tailored to the individual. There is no magic wand – our sessions are realistic, business-oriented, and empathetic helping you explore your goals with a focus in a complex world. I use various pragmatic coaching models and methods to help you make sense of your own reality. These include GROW, PRO, and NLP methods of coaching.

Coaching will help to elevate your leadership impact and team sessions will enhance your team’s engagement. By identifying what your business stands for you can better attract and sustain talent and move towards increased profitability, business growth, and success.

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