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Career Coaching

Crest Coaching & HR uses leading edge practice and knowledge to provide you with Leadership Coaching for Individuals and Teams. In these times, elevation of behaviour to enhance individual and organisational success is key in order to thrive and evolve. We offer bespoke and affordable coaching because we are passionate about leaders in organisations and helping you improve and flourish.

Crest Coaching & HR is a  member of the Association for Coaching which promotes the worldwide ethical practices and coaching mastery for organisations, teams and individuals. The code of practice we adhere to includes professional conduct and coaching excellence with advanced standards of practice.


Book A Coaching Session

15 Minute Free Enquiry

We will go through your Coaching needs and how we can help you develop your personal crest. Book your spot by clicking on the link below.

30 Minute Coaching


In this Coaching Session, I will explore your life or leadership objectives and what you would like to achieve from the session. We will clarify how we will approach the session together and we will then hone in on an objective and discuss this allowing you deep reflection and some action points to take away.  During the session, we will use coaching models and questions to help guide you on your reflective journey.

60 Minute Coaching


In your bespoke session, we will contract how and what we want to discuss. After clarifying your objectives for the session / or a series of sessions we will then discuss this allowing you to take center stage and in a supportive environment, explore the issues, outcomes and actions you may want to take to make your goal a reality. We will also explore any barriers you have in your mindset and environment. We will end the session with a simple action plan for you to take away. The session can be pragmatic or strategic depending on your needs.

Executive Coaching

Business Goal Setting

Leadership Development

Let us help you grow into your leadership potential.