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Our Fee Breakdown

Our Fee Breakdown


 Crest Coaching  HR offers affordable Human Resources and Coaching Packages to meet your needs as a leader or to help your teams grow. Our services are offered for juniors through to CEO level. We also offer combined Coaching and HR services should you require both. Ideally a mix of Coaching for you and your teams combined with best practice HR process will keep your people developed and following the correct process. We can deliver our services face to face, online or telephonically. We will fit around your business hours to give you a service as and when you need it most. Below is a summary of our services, although we can also tailor additional Coaching and Human Resources services to meet your unique needs. For detailed pricing on specific services please enquire and we will be in touch to understand your requirements and give you a quote.


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Pay as you go

We offer a no contract pay as you go service, providing you exceptional expert support on the go. This can be for Coaching support for individuals or teams – or you may need some help with an HR issue such as a legal or absence problem. Or you may want both Coaching and HR support. Whatever your business problem is, we are experienced to help you with any pain points your business may be experiencing or help you rise above the initial problems with greater self- awareness and clarity.


Or if you’d prefer we have a no fuss monthly package with a flexible contract option providing you with three levels of HR support for your business- from basic to comprehensive. We are happy to give you further information on enquiry.

We do this in an efficient down to earth way, taking the pressure away from you as a business owner or leader so that you can continue to run your business in your chosen direction. Your contract can have both Leadership coaching and HR services or just HR or Coaching.

Our coaching contracts provide you with 8-12 sessions which can be individual or in a group and are provided on three levels of Coaching support-from basic leadership coaching to comprehensive services which include assessment tools for yourself and your teams. Or you may just want comprehensive HR advice including policies, telephone advice, day to day HR support on performance issues and online/face to face meetings with your employees. Our three levels of HR support can provide you with either start up basics or enhanced HR interventions for a more established business. You get to choose whatever HR support you require.

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