Your Voyage to Success No 1 Bestseller

Become the Success you've Always Dreamed Of

This book is a nine-step coaching program to help you reach your next level of success. This book is an Amazon No 1 bestseller.

Maybe you’ve told yourself things like:

  • I’m not good enough
  • My mistakes define me
  • It’s easier to stay where I am

Then you need Desiree in your life!

She’s created a success path for you to follow.

Packed with coaching exercises, and mindfulness techniques, you’ll develop success habits. Say
goodbye to the negative spiral of failure, burnout and stress.

Be more confident, productive and happy and know exactly where you’re heading – so you’ll achieve your goals.

Watch Desiree talking about Your Voyage to Success on Latest TV, Brighton!

Other Books

From the Ashes she is Ignited Vol 2

18-Desiree-Lindeque-2023-PleaseCreditEDDIEJUDDPHOTOGRAPHYwherepossible (1) (1)

I believe that each one of us can inspire others with our stories.

This book is a collaboration of women, telling their stories of rising from adversity. It’s no wonder it became an international bestseller!

Entangled No More

Published by Katie Carey of Soulful Valley publishing this collaboration was an international No 1 bestseller in at least 33 categories on Amazon.

It’s a collaboration of women telling stories of how they have risen beyond patterns of toxicity in relationships with tips and tools for how they have overcome these patterns and have thriving careers and lives

Soulful Poems

This book is an international bestselling collection of international poetry that’s written with innate wisdom from the heart.

I’ve loved writing poetry for this book and I hope you will love it too! It’s a must read for those who love words and imagery, and like poetry as a way of reducing anxiety and stress and practising mindfulness.