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About You – Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders

You are a business owner, a corporate business leader or solopreneur seeking Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders. You may be in the profit or not for profit sector, working on your own or with a team. You are a dedicated and hard-working business leader. Perhaps you are a creative entrepreneur, just starting out with so many ideas but you need to make sense of them all. Maybe you want to change, adapt or expand your business and need the confidence to rise to the next level.

You may be an established business owner, who needs to ensure that your strategic plans and challenges in a changing world keep you, your business and your team thriving. You may be a business owner whose business is stumbling, and you’re worried about what plans and next steps you should take. You want to be successful in whatever you do going forward, but you realise you may need to change something. You may currently be a leader in a corporate business, who wants to become a small business owner. You need to work on your mindset, career options, your business strategy and your action plans to make your dreams a reality.

Our specialized Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders is tailored to address your unique needs and aspirations. Whether you’re seeking guidance to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship, refine your business strategies, or cultivate a growth-oriented mindset, we are here to support you every step of the way.

Through personalized coaching sessions and mentorship, we provide invaluable insights, tools, and strategies to help you overcome obstacles, maximize your potential, and achieve your goals. With Crest Coaching & HR, you’ll gain the confidence, clarity, and skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape, making impactful decisions that drive your success forward.

To win the marketplace,

you must first win the workplace.

Your customers are communities, businesses, consumers, individuals. They look to you for innovation, service, leadership, skill and direction. The people that you deal with – be it competitors, your team, stakeholders or customers- may give you challenges that require you to find creative solutions.

You vision yourself as a strong and engaging leader. You want your stakeholders to be loyal and support your brand. You want to create the right brand and culture for your business. Sometimes you are confident you’ve made the right decisions, sometimes you aren’t. You don’t always have all the answers, and it’s not always easy to know the right actions and directions to go in. You also want to be fulfilled as a person, have resilience to get through difficult times. You want to look after your mental wellness, finances and work-life balance, spend time with family and friends and do the things you enjoy.

How will you reorganise your business model and ways of working to continue to be successful in your marketplace? How will you keep yourself and your team mentally healthy and engaged so that you continue to provide services? How do you flex your offerings to changing work patterns and customer needs in these chaotic times? Finding balance in times of change can improve both your mental and physical wellbeing, and ultimately contribute to your mind set in relation to your business.

Your team doesn’t always “get” your vision and pulls in different directions. There may be differing levels of productivity, conflict, absenteeism and retention problems. You grapple with ways to engage them and get them on board with all the changes coming at them. You want to be inspiring, and have all the answers but you realise that you need to harness your team’s talents – but how?

Sometimes events out of our control can impact our business. For example, an event such as the coronavirus pandemic has most likely triggered anxiety and uncertainty for you, your team and your business. There are also many other changes we have to continuously adapt to in the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal spheres. There are so many things to adapt to – it’s pretty overwhelming sometimes.

Being a leader can be a lonely place. People expect you to have all the answers, but – let’s be honest – you don’t always have the solutions. I can help you find your confidence, set clear goals and put into place the practical steps that will see you and your teams flourish.