Life and business can be tough sometimes. We all have a personal crest– a stamp or imprint that is unique to only us. I work with you to find this in yourself or your business so that you can be more successful.

My name is Desiree Anderson.

I’ve been in the Human Resources industry for 25 years and have experienced highs and lows first hand – both personally and professionally. I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t.

I have experience in the following competencies and can assist with:

  • Employee Engagement Projects
  • Leadership Growth and Development
  • Employee Recognition
  • Employee and Employer Relationship Nurturing
  • Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

I love working with individuals too, helping them find their personal stamp so that they can gain in confidence and flourish, making better choices for themselves to match their values and identity.

Let me help you unlock your full potential and assist in making you and your business thrive through my career coaching and human resources services.

Whether coaching you personally or conducting leadership coaching

I would love to help you achieve your full potential!

Ask yourself:

Are your values and beliefs the same as those in your business/job?

Are you a leader in your business but don’t feel you have reached your full potential?

Does your employer brand and people policy attracting the right people?

Do you know you have potential but just can’t get your act together?

Are the engagement levels in your business low or hit a plateau?

Do you have high staff turnover negatively effecting your business?

Are you struggling with your confidence or your belief in success?

Are you battling to juggle all your priorities and not seeming to distinguish the wood from the trees?

If you’ve answered yes to more than half of these, I am here to help!

I offer a FREE 15 minute coaching session for all clients to help explore what’s on your mind.

Often clients say that they experience “lightbulb” insights at this first session.

For bespoke business rates tailored to your company’s needs, I can discuss a mutually beneficial offering on application.

We Love Feedback


Human Resources:

I can help businesses owners and leaders with generalist HR issues such as bespoke HR plans to match your organisation’s needs

Career Coaching Sessions:

I work with you to find out what you’re facing and help you set goals to move forward. Identifying your personal & professional crest (values, aspirations and identity) will deepen your understanding of your skills and help you make better career choices going forward.

Leadership Coaching:

I offer individual or group sessions to elevate your leadership impact and help you engage your team. By identifying what your business stands for you can better attract and sustain talent and move towards increased profitability and success.

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I have witnessed burnout & have experienced the dangers of working too hard and not focusing on self-care.

I now get to ensure that does not happen to my clients.